HOA Services

What Makes Your Community Special? 

Is it the Residents? The Location? The Camaraderie on your Management Team? 

 Every community has its own unique aspects, and DR Paint understands that there is no single solution for managing resources. As a Community Manager or part of the management team, you face the daily challenges of prioritizing what your community needs and what best fulfills those needs. 

DR Paint will work with you in finding appropriate solutions for your community’s painting requirements, ranging from repainting community walls and wrought iron fencing to updating entire building color schemes or enhancing an office or clubhouse space.  

 When appropriate, we make sure that residents are notified ahead of time with door hangers for any property access that our painters may need. In addition to being a commercial painting contractor, DR Paint is also a residential painting contractor, so if your residents decide that they want to do some updating of their own, we can schedule a separate crew to work with the homeowner on their project. 

If you’re happy, we’re happy. Its that simple. So at DR Paint, we always strive to provide fair and upfront bid pricing, quality workmanship and a warranty to exceed your expectations. Every step along the way, we keep the lines of communication open with you and your team, ensuring that we are working where you want us, when you want us. We aim to provide you with a lasting result that enhances your community year after year.

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