If you’re happy, we’re happy. It’s that simple. At DR Paint, we always strive to provide fair and upfront pricing, quality workmanship and a warranty to exceed your expectations. We always aim to provide you with a lasting result that you’ll enjoy year after year.

Fair and Upfront Pricing. 

We will give an accurate quote, often with many options to fit your budget. All of our estimates are 100% guaranteed, so there are no surprises.

Quality Workmanship.
When we come to paint your property, we come with one goal in mind: paint it right and do it the first time. This means doing the proper preparatory steps and having skilled painters, as well as cleaning and finishing up 100% of the detail work.


We stand behind our work, and our warranties are in writing and given to the customer as part of a written estimate.  For questions regarding specific product and workmanship warranties, please contact us.


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